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2021 The Year of 60/80R57

Definitely 2021 is been the year we have shipped the biggest number of giant OTR tires 60/80R57 in our history!

Since January to date we have successfully loaded and shipped from 08 different ports, using 20' and 40' feet open top containers.

From 60/80R57 XMINE and 60/80R57 VSDL we shipped so far 28 tyres for different contracts; and numbers are adding.

On 2020, understanding an increasing demand for 60/80R57 we started buying from different locations, ordering from factories and even started our own project partnering with XTHRA Tyres for developing an alternative source for the size.

See some of the tyres (so far) shipped during 2021:

We are still buying 60/80R57 to supply our actual contracts so, if you have any available stock, please contact us, sending your offer to today!

We are glad to become, each new year, a viable alternative source for mining companies around the globe, offering competitive prices and payment terms, signing for annual supply contracts, delivering to different customers around the world.

From our offices in Australia, Brazil and in the USA, we are increasing our volumes, creating solid partnerships, ethic and honestly.

Thanks for your time reading!

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