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Moving OTR tire' inventory worldwide is also, a big part of our business.

Being a customer centric platform, otrSupply sells mining tires and also, we frequently buy moving mining otr tire' inventory worldwide.

Below we list what our frequent customers mostly buys from us:

. 70/70-57 SRG DT LD NY ;

. 60/80R57 XMINE D2 SR ;

. 58/85-57 SRG DT LD NY ;

. 55/80R57 XMINE D2 SR ;
. 52/80-57 HRL D/L-4G & DRL 4/15C ;

. 50/80R57 XDR250 MB4 ;

. 40.00R57 VRDP E2A ;

. 37.00R57 XDR3 B ;

. 50/65R51 VSDL D2A ;

. 33.00R51 VRDP E2A, VMTP E2A ;

. 27.00R49 XDR2 B4, VRDP E2A, VMTP E2A ;

. 45/65R45 XMINE D2 SR .

Our suppliers are mostly direct mining companies, contractors and fleet owners.

We will buy your giant tires and resell to our customers worldwide, coming from an ethical and responsible business relationship originated from 20 plus years dedicated exclusively to mining strategic supply chain.

 If you own the sizes above, please send further information to and we will revert asap.

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