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Farewell 52/80-57 !!

Long time ago, when at that time big loaders with capacity to 16 m3 (19.5 yd3) were starting to captivate, showing up in the open-pit mines around the world, there was a necessity, a heavier capacity tire then the usual giant sizes available in the market.

That was when manufacturers around the world started developing one of the most applied tires in history: 52/80-57 with 68 plies.

It is indeed a very though tire, with enough capacity to carry 92.500 kg (203.927,59 lbs) at 10 km/h (6,2 mi/h).

For more than 20 years 52/80-57 has been applied to the most diversified operations around the world, from iron-ore, nickel, phosphate, gold, cement and several others.

By the constant advance in research, bigger equipment has been introduced to the mining companies around the world, where being a high-lift demanding bigger dimension or a heavier payload craving for bigger loaded capacity was in fact, more than ever, mandatory.

Mining costs are based on heavier payloads divided by retrieved ore and the bigger sizes were, on a step-by-step basis, been introduced.

Production of 52/80-57 then started to fade with less demand and nowadays, a handful of companies still use equipments mounted with the size but, market is pushing for obsolescence and heavier payloads pushes harder on market exigence.

At this stage, we see that the giant tire 52/80-57 has fought bravely and it was quite a great journey till here! So we just say farewell 52/80-57!! We will surely miss you!!

Nowadays market still demands availability of 52/80-57 and by the recent decommissioned moulds at the first world manufactured of this size, otrSupply has advanced on its projections and we still have available quantities of bias OTR 52/80-57 68PR.

We understand that by the time, less and less tires will be available so, we made a selection of 52/80-57 tires in different levels and conditions, where here at you can find offers for as long as our stocks remain, based on new tires 52/80-57 68PR for sale, used /2nd hand tires 52/80-57 68PR, retreaded 52/80-57 68PR tires and casings.

If you are looking to buy giant bias OTR 52/80-57 68PR send us a message; let us discuss possibilities where our team at otrSupply will surely have the best option at the best market price ever!

Thanks for your time, reading us!

// For further details, take a closer look at our Inventory at

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