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NEW (2023) XTHRA 27.00R49 XTR-E4E3 STD E4 TL ** (TKPH 550)

NEW (2023) XTHRA 27.00R49 XTR-E4E3 STD E4 TL ** (TKPH 550)

NEW Radial OTR Tires XTHRA 27.00R49 XRE 3 STD E4 TL **

Never mounted, never used.

Manufacturing date: 2023.

Stock: 36 un.

Full serials.


. Listed price is FOB for orders below 17 unities ;

. Price is CIF with minimal 18 unities per order .

  • Warranty

    For the lot, we offer own warranty policy, where if any performance issue happends, if eligible /respecting tyre TKPH /TMPH limitations) tread depth is measured subtracting from the original tread depth. The result is divided by the acquiring value per unity, making the price per each milimeter. This amount is immediately offered as a discount in any future tyre purchase with us.

  • Risk Insurance

    For the lot, we offer risk insurance, sent together with shipping documents, covering personnel and material risks inherent to the operational handling of giant OTR tyres, while in first mounting operation.


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