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TPC - Tire Protection Chains

Mining is a harsh and severe application for OTR tires; that's a common sense to all.

For such severe applications engineering have created (long ago) a steel "armour" specially designed to protect tires against cutting stones, debris and other damaging materials: the old and traditional chains.

Chains are a complex puzzle of rings and parts forming a flexible mesh covering the tire tread, shoulders and sidewall, protecting usually exposed tire regions especially from stone cuts but also from heating surfaces in quick load-and-carry operations (such as in pig-iron and steel mill plants).

Along the last 19 years we have been traveling around the world seeing different operational profiles, mineral specificities and complex hardness that really damage; from abrasive till soft and cut materials causing tire losses everywhere in the globe.

Tire protection chains usually are hard-to-find for ready shipment, especially when you have an emergency that requires specific service or when something got tight on planning, when getting to an unexpected job or service not usually on your target.

For such occasions we have the solution.

otrSupply have frequent stock of tire protection chains, especially for rims 33', 45' and 57'.

Our chains comes from the worldwide known brands, manufacturing "TPC"s from the begin of last century on!

If your operation requires a ready stock on tire protection chains we can offer from new /unused till refurbished ones in excellent state at the best price ever!

Talk to us; we will be very glad to understand your requirement and dedicate our staff and time to find you a great solution!

otrSupply, serving everywhere in the globe.

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