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The Disappearance of OTR Tires 36.00R51?

Few weeks ago we received an enquiry from a fleet owner asking if we had any 36.00R51 tires in stock.

That enquiry really made us think about this size which was so popularly available years ago and suddenly we just realised that, after checking internally, we had about 10 pieces but those were there for about 04 years or so.

Years ago, when 145 (payload) tonnage dumpers where on its peak, it was usual to change the standard 33.00R51 tires with 38.750 kilograms standard payload to 36.00R51 improving the haulage payload capacity, upgrading the individual tire payload to 46.250 kilograms. That in fact represented a real upgrade because dumpers could haul about 45 tonnes plus! You can imagine how much that represents to a fleet owner, charging for every transported tonne at the end of the month!!

Years have passed quickly and, by the introduction of bigger dumpers now the same situation is happening to 220 tonnes (payload) dumpers, off-course with different OTR tire sizes.

Back to the subject, After we sold the 36.00R51's we had, quickly we started looking for additional ones but really, these are rare indeed!

After some time we found a small quantity of 36.00R51 E4; if you need them, please check if we still have those on our inventory, by sending an e-mail to .

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