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Looking for Used OTR?

According to the recent years practice, mining companies tend to use, especially giant otr tires, until the last millimetre, avoiding to retread it, aiming to have the highest yielding as possible from the acquired tires.

This practice is effective mostly when there is some comfortable supply in the market and also, when mining company's have chosen to use a specific otr tire size that is not frequently under shortage, being due to its time consuming manufacturing process or, due to improved supply or even reduced demand.

But thinking on dumper (and loader) fleet owners with a budget in mind to assure profits, used and/or retreaded otr tires have come again as a new source of improved purchasing power without compromising quality and performance.

Used mining tires today are on the top list of enquiries at items and that is a clear sign of what market is actually brewing on its opex tables and cost effectiveness behaviours.

Having more than 3.000 used and or retreaded giant otr tires available, ranging from 35/65R33, 24.00R35, 45/65R45, 24.00R49, 27.00R49, 30.00R51, 33.00R51, 36.00R51, 37.00R57, 40.00R57, 46/90R57, 50/80R57, 52/80-57, 55/80R57, 60/80R57, 53/80R63 and 59/80R63, customers usually send us specific requirements such as minimum tread depth, maximum scratch based defects, if sidewall repairs are allowed or not, sometimes asking for personal and material damage insurance to follow the tire's batch and so on.

Been tires for immediate application or casings for retreading, count on our 17+ years of experience shipping giant otr tires.

Our team at otrSupply will select all tires according to instructions provided and we will ship to everywhere in the globe!

Talk to our specialist team! send a message to and be surprised by the inventory of used and retreaded OTR tyre sizes we can offer you!!

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